Bimetal Thermostats - Auto Reset type                      Model KS-2
 KS-2N - Normal Close
  KS-2R - Normal Open
     Microwave Ovens. Refrigerators, Vending
     Machines, Hot Water Heaters, Boilers, Tableware
     Dryers and UPS etc.
˙ Function & Features
     - Automatic temperature control and prevention
        from overheating
     - Small size with high current rating and low
        internal resistance
  ˙ Specifications  
Rated Current AC 125V/15A, 250V/7.5A
Temperature Range ﹣20℃ to 150℃
ON/OFF Differential Min. 10℃, Normal 15 to 25℃ 
Temp. Tolerance Operating or Reset Temp.
±3℃ Min. (standard ±5℃)
Life Cycle 100,000 cycles Min. at rated load
Dielectric Withstand AC 1.8kV for 1 second
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min.
Internal Resistance 100MΩ Max.


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